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Protect Your Skin While Swimming in Sea Water

Do you know that salt water in the ocean contains minerals that can do wonders for your skin? It’s true! It has been scientifically proven that minerals from sea water like sodium, magnesium, and calcium can treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne while cleansing your pores. However, it’s also true that seawater can harm your skin if you are not careful.

Here a few tips to protect your skin while enjoying the water.


It is essential to shower both before and after swimming in the ocean if you want to keep your skin protected. Yes, even before! Showering before swimming will remove cosmetics and skin oils from your body, thereby preventing these substances from interacting with salts in the water and causing irritation. Plus, wetting your hair and body before going in for a swim can also stop your skin from absorbing too many salts. Showering after a swim can wash away salts from the body before they dry out and start itching.


Salts from the sea water can linger on your skin, resulting in severe dehydration. If you already have dry skin, this can pose a severe problem as it can make your skin appear dead. For a glowing, healthy shine even after swimming, wash your face and body thoroughly with foaming face and body wash. Don’t depend on lye soaps or anti-foaming skin wash, as dilute salts are very resistant and hard to completely wash off.


The extra hot sun can give you an unwanted tan if you are not careful enough to apply a generous amount of waterproof sunblock on your skin before you take a dive in the ocean. Apply it at least fifteen minutes before you leave your house and every time you come out of the water, if you want to retain your natural complexion after you are done swimming!


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