If you love the water and water related activities, this website is for you! It can be as simple as dipping your feet into a cool running stream, splashing into a lake, taking a ride down the river, owning your own swimming pool or taking on the ocean! No matter the water sport, whether it’s swimming, surfing, boating or fishing you will find ideas on these pages about health and fitness, the best places for your favorite water activity and the latest fashions to make you look good while you’re doing it.

Woman with snorkeling gear


Oh, the joys of snorkeling- the perfect blend of recreation and leisure for water sports lovers the world over. There are more incredible destinations for snorkeling than any one person could see in a hundred lifetimes, meaning the possibilities for

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Yacht at high speed


So, you’ve always fancied the idea of a yachting expedition on the high seas. What’s that you said? You want to own your very own yacht? Well that’s perfectly understandable… in fact, who doesn’t?  In the vast universe of water

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Skipper on Yacht at race regatta


Is there any better or more completely awesome activity on this entire planet? Let’s be honest here… except for those people who may have seen JAWS at just too early an age (bless their souls) and still have a dread

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Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water skiing just may be the granddaddy of all aquatic tow sports. All you have to do is look around at just about any lake or reservoir during warm months for direct evidence of its vast popularity. So, you might

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Kneeboarder at high speed


Kneeboarding is a thrilling outdoor water sport that is not only tons of fun, but also accessible for people of all ages. If you already enjoy surfing, water skiing, snowboarding or wakeboarding, (to name a few similar activities), then you’re

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fishing at sunset


Fishing holds an especially important place in the world of water sports. Long before it was enjoyed as a sporting activity, fishing was an essential part of survival and was indispensable to the progress of many civilizations around the globe.

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Parasailer taking off from beach


How to describe the feeling of parasailing? Well, let’s see. It’s kind of like you’re a bird, soaring high above the ocean surface, except you are nestled into a secure holster that’s attached to a parachute that’s being pulled by

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Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Water Sports Kitesurf Action On Wave


You may have already heard some of the buzz surrounding kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing. We’re water sports enthusiasts and like to think we’ve given a wide range of them a go. It’s hard to imagine a more unique feeling

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Jet ski water sport

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing certainly leaves little to be desired when it comes to heart-pounding thrills out on the open water. It’s hard to top the feeling of freedom and exhilaration on such a small craft with output acceleration similar to that

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