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Fishing in the U.S.A.

Best Fishing Spots

Best Fishing Spots in the U.S.A.

We love best-of lists just as much as anyone else, but let me tell you, it can be tough to narrow one down for the best fishing spots in an area as big as the United States, which has, oh I don’t know, about a ka-zillion different places where you can go fishing. And that’s what we’re dealing with in this blog entry- goin’ fishing! (Yes, you’re allowed to say it with a southern drawl). We’ll take a look at some of the most cherished destinations for one of this country’s oldest pastimes, from the best saltwater fishing in the U.S. to the very best destinations for freshwater angling.

Our list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a nice little survey of places from which you can continue your search, and also check back in with us as we regularly update our Travel content.

So, on we go to the best fishing spots in the U.S. Each of them is so tempting and amazing, they’ll instantly have your heart- hook, line and… well, you get the idea.

Montauk, New York

Montauk Lightouse and Beach
Montauk Lightouse and Beach

Montauk is an idyllic village at the eastern end of Long Island where fishermen flock in droves to enjoy some of the best fishing this side of anywhere. It is known for its sandy shorelines, broad beaches, rich culture… and fishing. It’s a fishing Mecca. Why? Montauk plays host to an annual migration of huge schools of fish passing from the Long Island Sound upward toward Maine. Whereas striped bass is the catch of choice on and along the shoreline, especially during summer and early fall months, there are opportunities to catch many other varieties of fish as well, whether in deeper water or along other beaches. Get your workout on if you plan to head to Montauk during prime bass season, as it’s not uncommon to pull some fat daddy, 40-pounders out of the blue on an average day. (Be sure to check out Montauk Point State Park and the Montauk Point Lighthouse). With access to other amazing locations like Fire Island, Amagansett, and Hither Hills State Park within easy striking distance, not to mention the Big Apple itself on the LIRR, you’ll find plenty of excitement on and off the water in this eastern seaboard hotspot for angling.

Galveston, Texas

Fishing pier in Galveston Texas USA
Fishing pier in Galveston, Texas USA

Galveston is generally just a bundle of Gulf Coast awesomeness, with amazing fishing and tons of other water sports and activities, fun dining and entertainment for people of all ages, shopping and culture and so much more. We’re focusing in on fishing because Galveston is a veritable treasure trove for killer angling. Galveston Bay serves fishing enthusiasts up especially large red snapper, as well as copious amounts of flounder, kingfish, trout, black drum, and that’s only naming a few. We particularly love this fishing destination because you can very easily transition from inshore to offshore fishing simply depending upon what you’re in the mood for that day. Embark into the Gulf of Mexico and deeper waters for the likes of king mackerel, cobia, marlin and much more. The small, fishing-village vibe of the inshore fishing scene is a cool complement to the modern eateries and shopping destinations in this Gulf town in Texas that has a little something for everyone.

Florida Keys, Florida

Key West pier
Key West pier

Close your eyes and envision a tropical paradise. There you go, you got it. That’s what the Florida Keys looks like, assuming your vision included long stretches of gorgeous, white sand shoreline, crystalline blue waters, towering palm trees, and sparkling, living coral reefs. That’s what you had in mind? Cool, we thought so. So, now that we’re on the same page with the whole heaven-on-earth vibe, we can turn our attention to where to fish and what to catch. You really can’t go wrong anywhere throughout the Keys, from Marathon and Islamorada to Key Largo and Key West. You can catch the likes of Yellowtail Tuna, Wahoo and Mutton Snapper year-round. You’ll also find a huge selection of other fish, from blacktip shark and tarpon to kingfish, redfish and grouper. If you’re planning a trip to the Florida Keys, you should definitely also look into some snorkeling or diving, as the coral reefs are simply not to be missed. The Florida Keys is like a tropical paradise set out of time. Be sure to mark it off your bucket list while the fishing’s good.

Diamond Valley Lake, California

Diamond Valley Lake, California
Diamond Valley Lake, California

We wanted to be sure to get one of the best lakes for fishing in the U.S. on our list, and there is no doubt about it that Diamond Valley Lake more than qualifies. Located in Hemet, California, which is approximately 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Diamond Valley Lake is a one of the country’s largest man-made reservoirs, reaching over 250 feet in depth and spanning over 4,500 surface acres. What can we say about the fishing? Buckle up. It is truly amazing. You can expect to catch everything from rainbow trout and bullheads to Yellow Perch and catfish. But the prized catch in these waters by a longshot is the black bass. Diamond Lake has come to be renowned for its black bass fishing. The fishing experience is more than a little enhanced by the breathtaking hills which surround this expansive, arrestingly beautiful lake in the southern California hills. The San Bernardino National Forest lies just a few miles to the east… a must-see if you’re already making a trip to Diamond Lake for the world-class fishing.

The Colorado River

Glen Canyon Dam Page, Arizona USA
Glen Canyon Dam Page, Arizona USA

The United States is chocked full of incredible rivers and streams where you can find top-flight fishing, and the Colorado is certainly no exception. It is a massive waterway that spans some 2,330 miles, beginning in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and emptying into the Gulf of California in Mexico. There are many opportunities to catch striped bass, catfish and rainbow trout up and down the river. From Lake Powell to the Glen Canyon Dam, Lees Ferry to Big Bend State Park, there’s something for everyone. What makes the Colorado an especially inviting destination for fishing is the sheer beauty of the natural surroundings. If you have been considering a fishing trip out west, you might consider starting up near the headwaters and top lakes of the Colorado River and traveling down-river at your group’s own pace. You can try out fly fishing, angling from the shore, and enjoy all of the natural glory that this amazing river pass has to offer as you go.

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