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We’re all about summer and the beach and we like to keep our readers up to date on the latest fashion trends for both women and men.

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For now, let’s dive into a specific look at the hottest trends for beach and swimwear in 2019.

These are looks that are lighting up Pinterest, Instagram and runways all over the globe.

swimwear for 2019
Swimwear for 2019

We just love when new looks pop up and all kinds of wild new possibilities happen! Every season features different looks and part of the excitement of each new season is tracking who’s wearing what, and where! Places like Venice Beach, Ibiza, Mallorca, and the Hamptons all turn out photographs of people sporting the latest and trendiest fashions. We like to keep tabs on all of it, and visit as many of them as we can in the process!

First and foremost, let’s get it straight that the main color palate going from summer to fall is RUST; Pantone is rooibos tea. That’s right, rooibos tea. There are also a huge number of cool innovations in the ways that fabrics and colors and patterns are functioning together to bring about a truly exciting array of eye-grabbing summer beach looks. As for the hottest swimsuit trends, animal prints, western-inspired themes, effeminate frills, suits that employ ties, and high-cut legs are definitely all the rage. And that is only a handful of examples. Hardware, high-gloss/shine fabrics, candy stripes, snakeskin and tie dye also make their way into the fold in a big way this year.

SoCal cool is always cool. Always has been, always will be. There is just no denying it. Therefore, SoCal, devil-may-care is current and timeless. We see how this works its way into pullovers and smocks and various additions to swimming suits. Tie dye and snakeskin is super in, in terms of textile prints for the year right now. Some other current and buzz-worthy trends include high-cut bottoms for pants, cut-out details, smocking, and cutouts in some of the most interesting placements on swimwear we’ve seen in some time.

We’ve also been impressed by an interesting move toward bold looks for swimming suits that include candy striping and high-shine, metallic-looking materials that have a glossy, space-like appeal. Other swimsuit makers are incorporating “hardware”- various accoutrement and embellishments that often serve the purpose of holding various parts of the suit together. It’s especially interesting when these two elements of high-gloss and hardware come together. When done correctly, which means both tastefully and innovatively, it can be an arresting visual indeed. An innovative approach to holding together the suit is also achieved to very cool effect by designers utilizing thin, string-like ties for their swimwear, especially bikinis.

Swimsuits that have “feminine” touches are not restricted to one-pieces by any means. And this term is actually only meant to refer to a return to certain traditional aspects of swimwear design, including elements such as floral prints and fabrics, ruffles, and selective choices for cuts and colors. There are a wide variety of choices by countless designers that are tasteful, elegant and sexy. Depending on where you are planning to enjoy your time on the water, you can select a perfect-fit option for the occasion.

In the world of water sports, fashion also intermixes with the world of gear, and this is actually one of the reasons why many are drawn to activities such as surfing, paddle boarding, sailing and swimming. Whether you’re a beginning surfer, just getting excited about the sport, or an old salty dog pro, it is just part of the fun to pick your board shorts, your wet suit, all of your gear, the gear that reflects your unique personality. The fact that many of these activities take place on the beach or otherwise in areas where people are out rocking their swimwear is double motivation to find the right look for you.

woman on phone saying hello
This lady is wearing a one-piece candy stripe swimsuit.

Form, Fashion and Function

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