Man on jet ski in lake
Man on jet ski in lake.

Best Places to Jet Ski in the United States

We can’t get enough jet skiing! It just never gets boring because the experience is different everywhere you go.

Jet skiing is a thrilling outdoor activity that you can enjoy on just about any body of water, from rivers and lakes to bays and the open waters of the ocean. You’re guaranteed to have fun no matter what, so ultimately, it’s up to you to decide the tailor-made destination for you.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite jet skiing locations in the U.S. (and added a couple international destinations to boot). We considered not only the aesthetic quality of the locations, but also the uniqueness of the experiences awaiting you at each one. Stay safe out there and have a blast!

Lake Placid

We’re recommending this awe-inspiring destination nestled in New York’s Adirondack Mountains because of its sheer beauty and access to tons of water sports and activities.

Mirror Lake of Lake Placid village
Mirror Lake of Lake Placid village

. Lake Placid is the name of the village and the lake on the northern side of the village. There is awesome jet skiing here, but you can also easily access East Lake (without even getting off of your jet ski) as well as Mirror Lake, which borders the village of Lake Placid to the south, where much of the tourist action is happening. Not only is Lake Placid a prime destination for jet skiing and myriad other water sports, but it also offers fun and activities for people of all ages on dry land, from great hiking and camping, to dining, arts and culture, and entertainment. With serene, expansive water and inspiring vistas of the Adirondacks on the horizon, jet skiing in this destination is an experience you won’t soon forget.

New York Harbor

Imagine skimming across the waves of the Upper New York Bay with the spray of water tickling your face and the incomparable Manhattan skyline towering above, the Statue of Liberty’s torch extending above the tree line of Governor’s Island, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower and Chrysler Building… all within your sight.

New York Harbor
New York Harbor

This experience is actually available to you! Yes, you can jet ski right in the New York Harbor and explore a number of places up and down the East River and Hudson River.

. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple and want to include some outdoor fun in the mix, give this a try! You will not be disappointed. There are amazing packaged deals that are reasonably priced. For instance, set out on a full tour of the New York Harbor aboard your jet ski (this is typically a one-hour trip), or literally cruise around the whole island of Manhattan (around two to two-and-a-half hours). This is an experience best led by an experienced guide who will make sure you have a chance to see all of the can’t-miss attractions.

Lake Cumberland

We had a tough time narrowing our list of the best places to fit just one blog post, especially when we considered how many lakes alone there are for amazing jet skiing, right here in the U.S. But as we talked it through, we decided that there are a couple of lake destinations that are just too perfect for this particular activity to leave off.

Lake Cumberland Kentucky
Lake Cumberland Kentucky

Lake Cumberland, (which is technically a reservoir), is located in southern Kentucky and is one of the most popular destinations in the entire country for fishing, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, knee boarding, and that’s only naming a few of the most sought-after activities. The vibe is laid back and the options for awesome water sports are pretty much endless. You’ll find no shortage of room for you and your crew, with over 1,250 miles of beautiful shoreline to explore. Cumberland is the largest lake by volume located east of the Mississippi River and boasts all kinds of charming and rustic accommodations, public facilities and amenities, as well as access to other natural wonders of nature, such as Daniel Boone National Forest, located less than 40 miles to the east.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is another one we just couldn’t keep off of our list.

Haunted Island at Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe
Haunted Island at Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe.

Rather than views of the pristine forests and hills of southern Kentucky, here you will enjoy alpine mountains and towering trees that surround this glacial lake that sits on the border of California and Nevada. You’ll find plenty of places to rent jet skis, as well as many more options for water sports such as parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, boating and much more. Lake Tahoe is an equally amazing place to visit whether in the warm months of summer or the colder months of, well, most of the rest of the year. Tahoe has a little bit of something for everyone. It’s a hotspot not just for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding year-round, but also for arts and entertainment, culture, dining and high-end shopping.

Miami Beach

We wanted to get a killer beach destination for jet skiing on here and kept going back and forth between a number of tempting selections. We landed on Miami Beach amongst other equally amazing locations such as San Diego, Oahu, Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks, primarily because of our personal preference for how many different kinds of cool tours you can take there.

jet skis on beach
Jet skis on the beach.

You can tour the surrounding islands such as Fisher Island, Key Biscayne and Virginia Key, embark upon a dolphin-spotting exhibition, or, depending on where you’re staying, you might opt for a guided tour around the Venetian Islands or Star, Palm, and Hibiscus Islands, all located in the Biscayne Bay. You really can’t go wrong anywhere along the water in this breathtaking part of the country which is perfect for outdoor water activities all year-round.

These are just some of our favorite spots for jet skiing in the United States.

There are countless others that we love just as much both here and abroad. If you’re planning some international travel and are thinking of including jet skiing on the itinerary, some of the dreamiest places on earth include the Gold Coast of Australia, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Check in with our blog for updates on the newest and best locations to try out all of your favorite water sports and we’ll keep the info coming your way to keep you in the know.

couple on jet ski
Couple on jet ski.
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