Blueseventy – Keeping Things Professional

The team members at Blueseventy are self-proclaimed “open water swimming specialists”. Based in New Zealand, this company has offices dotted around the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This company’s main aim is to enhance the swimming experience for all types of swimmers, whether they swim professionally or simply for fun, by providing a range of high quality products that can be relied on in any situation. Founded in 1993, Blueseventy has been perfecting its range of aquatic products for close to two decades and has put in a large amount of research and hard work to become one of the top brands in water sport gear.

The Blueseventy range of products encompasses a wide variety of swimwear and accessories to suit a wide variety of open water sports and activities. Wetsuits, swim skins, goggles, tri apparel, swimwear, bags, caps and many other products are combined to create a Blueseventy collection that takes care of every swimmer’s needs. Each product is carefully designed to maximize performance potential. Each piece of swimwear is made to fit comfortably and to suit the various environments involved in each different water sport.

Streamlined and advanced, Blueseventy is a brand for the true sports enthusiast. Many of these products come with a warranty which proves that this is a company that prides itself on providing only the best quality products, suits and accessories. This company welcomes customer feedback and is dedicated to constantly improving its range of swimming gear by taking client suggestions and requests into consideration.

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