Best Plants to Have Around Your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is obviously one of your best infrastructures, and it can be used both for entertainment as well as exercise.

To ensure that your swimming pool is beautiful and functional, you ought to landscape it properly. However, the landscaping is not something you should go about blindly. You should know best plants to have around your swimming pool before beginning the task; otherwise, you will just be messing up your swimming pool.

pool plantsGenerally, use trees, annuals, and even flowering shrubs cab around swimming pools. They should be plants that do well in heat and withstand lots of moisture too, since these two are constantly present around swimming pools.

Heat-tolerant plants are some of the best plants to have around in your swimming pool because they will not be affected by the heat reflected from the water, or from the concrete part of the pool. Plants that are not heat tolerant will wither and suffer immediately you plant them. A good example of a heat-tolerant plant is the cutleaf lilac. This plant fits the description because, apart from being heat-tolerant, it is also tolerant to high moisture content. Besides, this plant is very beautiful to look at, and it can grow up to heights of 8 feet. You will love its deciduous green leaves, which tend to be very thick. It also emanates a sweet smell when it flowers. Everything considered this is one plant you will love to have around in your swimming pool.

As for trees, they can also be used but you should make your choices very carefully. Apart from plant survival considerations, you should also consider the aesthetics of your swimming pool. You should be clear on what kind of look you are trying to create on your swimming pool. For example, many people love to go with the tropical theme. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that tropical beaches are always so pristine and breathtakingly beautiful. You can create the tropical look by planting palm or banana, both of which are tall and will provide you with cool shades.

Impatients also form part of the best plants to have around your swimming pool. These flowering plants are also a beauty to gaze at. They are tropical plants too, and they are good for the shaded areas around your pool. Obviously, your pool will have some shaded areas, either due to the obstruction of sunlight by your house, or due to other tall plants or trees around the pool. Yet, the fact that part of the ground is in the shade does not mean that it should be left as a bare ground. The impatients are also heat-tolerant but should be kept in the shade if they are to thrive.

pools and plantsIn your considerations on the best plants to have around your swimming pool, do not forget about drought-resistant shrubs. It is a fact that shrubs are some of the best-looking plants you can ever plant around your swimming pool. The only problem with shrubs is that the majority do not thrive that well in hot areas, so you need to be careful with your selection. The drought-tolerant plants can live for long without water, and in heat too.

Before you plant shrubs, however, you should consider their twigs and branches. In as much as you wish to beautify your pool, you should not forget about the safety of those who use the swimming pool. Some kinds of shrubs can be a safety issue. If you can find shrubs with drooping branches, you ought to use them. The flowers and exact type of leaves are all a matter of personal choice.

Apart from safety and beauty, you might also be interested in the privacy of your pool. Depending on where you live and how your compound is structured, there are a few things you can do to increase privacy in your swimming pool. For beauty, many types of heat-resistant or heat-tolerant plants are suitable depending on what you consider beautiful. You can landscape your pool in such a way that it blends almost naturally into the surrounding environment.

After planting your shrubs or trees, you will have to maintain them. If you do not maintain them, they will not thrive, and that will beat the purpose of having them in the first place. Low maintenance plants are best because they will not give you a hard time, and they are not labor intensive. If you plant large deciduous trees around your swimming pool, you will have to contend with having to remove their leaves from the water frequently. If you are ready to do this, then just go ahead and plant them. The needle types of leaves are some of the worst because removing them from the water is not that easy. If you fear this seemingly hard task, you ought to use plants with broad leaves. Plants with large fruits are also not that good, since they may fall into the water and attract insects to the plants too.

In the issue of safety, your swimming pool should be properly fenced if you have children in your house. Small children can easily create a disaster by falling into the water. You can decide to use the fence as a privacy curtain too, and that will mean using the right kind of fence. The right shade of outdoor lighting will also go a long way in increasing privacy around your pool.

It might seem easy but deciding on what the best plants to have around your swimming pool are is not easy. What is more, you will get lots of information from different quarters, some of them even contradictory. What you should do when in doubt is to contact a professional who will help you with the specifics. Knowing the general types of plants to use around swimming pools, though, is something every pool owner should do.

One of the challenges of planting trees around swimming pools is that you should look for a way of keeping the plants from being contaminated by chemicals. There are pool chemicals that can be detrimental to the growth of plants. The long hours of reflected sunlight from the water are not good for most plants’ growth too. Then there is also the issue of flowers, which though beautiful, are nonetheless very attractive to insects that can interfere with your comfort and health around the pool. Some plants also have extensive and penetrative roots that can mess up with your pool, and this is another factor you must consider when choosing plants for your pool.

Holly varieties of plants are very suitable for use around the swimming pool. The plants are evergreen and have a lush color that will light up your swimming pool area. These plants have varied length, and you can opt for the short or small ones, depending on your preference. They are very hardy too, and hence are low-maintenance plants. If you can find a way to cultivate the male plants, please do so and you will easily avoid the messy cleaning process that is needed when the females produce their red berries. It might be hard work to landscape your pool but if you choose the best plants to have around your swimming pool, the task will be considerably reduced.

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