Cressi – Creating Quality Gear for Over Half a Century

For over half a century, Cressi has been a leading brand in scuba diving equipment. Founded in 1946 this brand has made its mark all over the globe, providing scuba enthusiasts with reliable, advanced and streamlined equipment that enables them to make the most out of their chosen water sport. In recent years, the Cressi brand has expanded to include gear for spear fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Whether for hobbyists or professionals, these products aim to enhance the aquatics experience.

This Italian company has branches all over the globe and provides customers with products that have been carefully designed and tested for maximum performance results. Comfort and quality are the order of the day which is why Cressi is one of the most popular brands the world over. Inspiring trust and fostering a love of water sports, there is no doubt that this company will continue on its winning streak for decades to come.

The Cressi range of products includes eyewear, wetsuits, swimwear, caps, pool footwear, snorkels, spears, spear guns, fins, masks and tons of other fantastic gadgets. This is a brand that manages to encompass an amazing variety of water sports, each of which receives due attention with its own top-notch product range.

Cressi is a company that aims to keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends and technologies within the water sport world. By doing research into the newest developments, this brand keeps its finger on the pulse of the aquatics community and is always dedicated to the wants and needs of its customers.

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